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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 10, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, change is in the air in the aftermath of the chevron refinery fire one month ago. we have more on the air quality and the approach to monitor what we are breathing. perfect timing. hear from the coast guard pilot who led this mission. and teachers are strike in the third largest school district as the administrators help to 400,000 students affected by it. we have a live look outside. that is the san mateo bridge. a little haze in the air. christina loren will be along to talk about the weather on this monday, september 10th.
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good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. the fire in richmond burned for hours and that smoke made thousands of people sick. today, we are learning what the air quality district is changing with regards to the fire at the chevron refinery. >> we have more with christie smith. >> reporter: good morning. this is the first time that all of the agencies looking into the chevron refinery fire are here under one roof at the air quality management district offices in san francisco. they are talking about what they found out so far. there are community groups represented here saying they want a clearer picture of what it is they are really breathing over in richmond. from the bay area air quality management district, they want that information particularly after a massive fire.
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it is standing-room only with each agency, including the safety board and chevron represented here. smoke on august 6th sent a huge plume of smoke in the air. thousands turned up at hospitals complaining of breathing problems. the air quality management district said samples were below state exposure levels. one agency said it was above the normal range within the bay area. bottom line, citizens want the system improved. >> it is not set up to service emergency incidents like the chevron fire. we are looking at increasing the monitoring capabilities around other refineries making sure we have consistent level of monitoring. >> it is a big gap in terms of
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information and the monitors which are not in the right place to actually thoroughly monitor as far as an explosions in our communities. >> reporter: now they say they are looking at technology that might provide better information and more accurate information quickly. in this case, they say it was made more difficult because the plume of smoke went 1,000 to 5,000 feet up in the sky. they also say this is the first of several meetings like this one. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year today. police found a 7/11 store clerk to death shot over the weekend. the store in milpitas was closed. details on the motive or suspect description were not released. the crash that killed one woman and injured another could
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face charges. 53-year-old hossein tabrizi is behind bars on charges of vehicular manslaughter. he jumped the curb and hit the two women on the sidewalk saturday evening. 52-year-old sherry hicks of santa barbara was killed. she was on vacation in walnut creek visiting her son and his new wife. the daughter-in-law was also hit. she is in the hospital in critical condition. in another emotional scene, friends and family of the lafayette man planning a vigil in his honor after his body was found in the sacramento river. authorities found brett olson's body near chico a week ago. thousands of volunteers from the bay area in chico for the search. a vigil will be held at olson's alma mater. new at 11:00, we are getting our first look of the water
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rescue off the central coast this weekend. the small plane upside down in the water. the father and son are safe by the successful rescue by the coast guard. stephanie troung has more. >> reporter: it was caught on camera. the u.s. coast guard pilot and crew came here to the station here. lieutenant chris courtney said it was a matter of life and death for the father and son on the cessna plane. it was important to have a distress beacon on board. 30 miles south of big sur was a close call for the father and son on the annual trip when the
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cessna engine stalled and they were forced to crash land into the ocean. >> a quick stop recovery of the 77-year-old man. pulled him up in the aircraft. went down and got his son. pulled him up as well. as we pulled him up, the aircraft rolled over to the left and sank shortly. >> reporter: it was the third rescue mission on sunday for the crew of three. timing was critical as they saw the empty fuel tank. >> we had three minutes. >> reporter: the victims did something to save their lives. they equipped the plane with a beacon to give the precise location. >> it let's rescue authorities know who owns that beacon and aircraft. a number to call and confirm there is actually an aircraft or vessel in distress. >> reporter: how important is that? >> it is extremely important. it is your best chance to survive.
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>> reporter: in all, he and his crew saved four lives yesterday. for them. it is all in a day's work. >> it feels good. it is nice to do what you are trained to do. it is rewarding when you can make a difference. >> reporter: now federal law mandates certain classes of develops and aircraft must carry beacon on board. the 406 beacon is more on the expensive side, but more powerful. the folks here at u.s. coast guard say it really does save lives. in this case, two lives yesterday. reporting live for nbc bay area news. the father accused of kidnapping his children and sailing away in a stolen yacht will be in court. christopher mauffe took his children from the couple's home last week. the couple is involved in a
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custody dispute. he stole the yacht from the alameda sailing club. the coast guard caught up with him. he is being held in the san mateo jail on suspicion of kidnapping and on child endangerment charges. happening now, thousands of teachers in chicago are hitting the picket lines today for the first time in 25 years. the chicago teachers union announced they would strike after not coming together with a contract. more than 400,000 students are affected by this strike. the district will keep some schools open for part of the day so kids can eat breakfast and lunch. following a developing story near eukiah. right now, the blaze is only about 15% contained. about 350 homes and buildings
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are still in the fire's path. hundreds of residents are being evacuated. now more than 1,000 firefighters are there battling the fire which broke out friday afternoon. this is one of nine major wildfires burning statewide. that is monumental. we have meteorologist christina loren saying the winds are a problem today and closer to home in the bay area. >> winds will gust. they will pick up as we head through the second half of the day. what i can tell you is for the next two days, tuesday into wednesday, we will have an onshore flow. that should help in ukiah. you are looking at oakland. if the coliseum is not there, you may not know. it is crystal clear. the raiders taking on the chargers at 7:15. monday night football is back. temperatures are comfortable. 70 degrees in concord.
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70 in livermore. i'll show you live pictures from the city coming up. as we head through the afternoon, the breeze will pick up. tie down loose objects in are you watching near the coast. tuesday, slight cooling and sunshi sunshine stays. it will warm up before temperatures really start to drop off. we saw 30s this morning. we are starting to get -- cooler mornings. >> thank you, christina. a public memorial for a chp officer killed in the line of duty will be held thursday in vacaville. keny kenyon youngstrum was killed on duty. the mission church is where the funeral services will be held. meanwhile, the fairfield community is continuing to raise funds in support of that fallen
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officer's family. hundreds of people descended on jump highway in fairfield yesterday to honor officer youngstrum. the trampoline park donated all of the funds to his wife and family. we can tell you a brand new piece of the 9/11 memorial is being unveiled in napa this afternoon. it will hold the names of the people killed on september 11th, 2011. the tribute will include a garden and sculpture of steel made from the twin towers. the secretary of defense stopping by the flight memorial. united flight 93 was flying from newark to san francisco when it was hijacked.
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passengers on board that flight fought back to eventually crash the plane in a shanksville field. many passengers were from the bay area or had family here. still ahead, fighting for space. why students out of south bay college say they want more representation on campus. a problem with the mars rover that scientists fear could put the red planet environment in jeopardy. the parkers quarterback says he will wear 49ers red and gold, at least temporarily. we'll tell you why.
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welcome back. art students in san jose state university marching in protest asking for more classes. the students are part of the illustration and animation school. they say they have seen a lot of growth in recent years and at
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this point, they are out of classroom space. the students marching to the president's office to deliver a petition for more classroom space and make animation and illustration it's own department on campus. >> we have 566 students and three classrooms and two labs. it is not working out. we need the president's attention. >> good march. the university president was not in his office. today, sheriff ross mirkarimi will make another plea to keep his job. he will be at the main library in san francisco today at 4:00 for a public meeting. he is expected to tell the crowd he is sorry for the heated argument with his wife, that led to domestic violence charges. he feels the incident has been overblown. mayor ed reese suspended him.
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the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to decide if mirkarimi should lose his job. following the long layoff, congress returning to work on capitol hill. lawmakers back from a five-week vacation that included the democratic national convention and republican national convention. they face a long list of deadlines. the focus expected to be to prevent a government shutdown. kodak is slashing more employees from the work force as the company tries to emerge from bankruptcy. the company has cut 2,700 jobs this year and plans to eliminate more by the end of the year. the president and chief financial officer are leaving their posts. kodak expects to leave bankruptcy in 2013. hp is raising the number of planned layoffs from 27,000 to 29,000. the company made that change in paper work filed with the sec
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this morning. the documents also say much of the planned job cuts have not occurred yet. hp has made 8% in layoffs in early retirement so far. the rover curiosity has been exploring mars for a month, but this morning, they hope the rover does not find. water. h20. the rover and drills may be contaminated with earth microbes. if those touch martian water, it could taint the planet. if it does encounter water, it could conduct tests, but do it from a distance. the rover will spend the next two years studying the planet and trying to determine if mars could or ever did support life. >> fascinating stuff. >> it is mind blowing. meteorologist christina loren doing a fascinating job checking out our forecast.
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good morning. >> good morning. you want to drink lots of water if you are joining us from the east bay. not as hot as it could be. that is because we had a fair amount of cloud cover. all of those clouds are clearing. i want to show you the picturesque shot over san francisco. beautiful. you can make out the golden gate bridge in the distance. this is what we are going to get this week. beautiful days in the city by the bay. hot in concord in the 70s. 67 in san jose. 74 in sunnyvale. we still have a bit of haze and thick cloud cover over the bay. it is hazy in san jose. the bay has a bit of low clouds hanging out. 70 degrees in san francisco. 80 in redwood city. 73 in santa cruz. you are a hour away from completely clear conditions. even over the san francisco bay. we have changes on the way.
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as we head through tuesday and wednesday, an onshore flow. cool air arrives. it will push in all day long. nice westerly flow carrying in sea breeze. bay side, you hit the 70s. we do have changes on the way. we heat up the numbers on thursday and friday. the mid-90s return. i'm not being as bullish as i could be, but there is a chance, a slight chance for triple di t digits. mother nature likes to go out big. we'll keep you posted. thank you. no secret that christina loren is a raider fan. she pulled some springs to get great weather. the raiders opening against the chargers. kickoff at 7:15. this one is a star-studded event. people who arrive early will be treated with a performance by ice cube. he wrote an anthem for the
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raiders franchise. it is an incentive to get the fans there early. the nfl is requiring metal detectors at all stadiums. in addition to the ice cube performance, gene simmons of kiss will sing the national anthem. the parking lot opens up at 2:00 p.m. the 49ers are off to a strong start. 1-0 after beating the packers, 30-22. david akers ties the record for the longest field goal off the cross bar. 63 yards. that is the feeling of ecstasy. we can tell you three other kickers have completed the 63--yard kick, including the raiders sebastian janenkowski. you may see packers aaron
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rodgers into a 49ers jersey. he got boyziimen to agree to the event. if the packers lost, he said he would wear alex smith's jersey for the rest of the week. enjoy wearing that jersey. >> he looks good in anything. >> all right. athletes are making their country proud. we will show you one of our local champions. and more for of the top stories, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area.
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an extremely talented bay
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area is coming home with a gold medal. her name is shirley riley. she won the women's wheelchair marathon. the final day of the paralympics. huge congratulations to her. meantime, london closing out the paralympic game was the parade this morning. celebrating team gb athletes and showing off their medals. well deserved celebration as they were carried through the streets on floats for the spectators lining up and cheering. a big fireworks display marked the end of the paralympic games last night. it had a performance by coldplay and rihanna and jay-z. the united states won 98 medals. coming in sixth overall. >> what a great show. we'll be right back after this.
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tonight, we can tell you buttons will be pushed and chairs will spin. sounds like a party. >> nbc's "the voice" returns with a three-night premier. ♪ >> i like that. >> four music headliners will renew their search for america's next great singing talent sight unseen. there is a twist. >> what? >> in the battle rounds, coaches will have a chance to steal a singer from a rival's team. >> that is a twist. >> you can catch "the voice" here on nbc. i want our chairs to spin like that. thanks for being with us. join us at 5:00 and 6:00.
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